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Our farmers not only feed our cities, but also supply good food to the world. With the global population growing and getting richer, the need for trusted food sources will only get larger.

  • Assist farmers and producers impacted by the drought by expediting access to business risk management programs and make up any provincial funding shortfalls

  • Amend existing laws to allow livestock owners to use local abattoirs and make permanent the temporary measures that allowed provincial authorities to enable collaboration across provinces to use their provincial abattoirs for products that would move across provincial borders

  • Stop the Liberals from repealing or changing my Private Members Bill, C-208 that eliminated the unfair tax rates when transferring the farm to a child or grandchild

  • Work towards greater harmonization of farm product regulations with our trading partners, especially the United States

  • Reform and improve Business Risk Management programs, particularly AgriInvest and AgriRecovery

  • Bring agricultural stakeholders together for a summit-like meeting with the Minister of Agriculture to develop a way forward on insurance programs like AgriStability

  • Modernize the Canada Grain Act and Canadian Grain Commission to align with modern agricultural practices, global market requirements, and the needs of our farmers

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