Canadian Armed Forces

The brave men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) put their lives on the line to protect the lives and safety of Canadians. We have a moral duty to stand firmly behind them and give them the tools and support they need.

  • Increase spending on national defence to move closer to our 2% aspirations

  • Enhance the participation of women, Indigenous people, and visible minorities through proactive, targeted recruitment at the community level

  • Call a public inquiry into harassment and discrimination in the CAF and make immediate changes such as removing commanders’ access to their subordinates’ medical files

  • Order a service-wide independent investigation into sexual misconduct in the military

  • Introduce policies to ensure future complaints are made to an external, independent body outside the chain of command

  • Lengthen postings where possible to enable families to put down roots

  • Work with the provinces to help ensure that the process of moving between provinces is as seamless as possible for military families

  • Harmonize trade training in the CAF with Red Seal Qualifications so that military service becomes an incubator for skilled workers who can transition easily to the civilian economy