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Nowhere on earth is there more equality of opportunity, embrace of diversity, or success for newcomers than Canada.

We are a country determined to measure success not on a person’s faith or family name but on the merit of their abilities, the promise they possess, and on their determination to succeed.

  • Simplify and streamline the application processes, reducing red tape, and eliminating duplication

  • Invest in additional resources to ensure that applications are processed more rapidly

  • Welcome the best and brightest from around the world to fill critical gaps and grow our economy

  • Immediately launch a Credential Recognition Task Force to develop new timely and appropriate credential recognition strategies

  • Strengthen Canadian families by uniting them with their loved ones

  • Scrap the Trudeau Liberals’ family reunification lottery and replace it with a system combining a first-come, first served principle with weighting to prioritize applicants on criteria such as providing child care or family support, and language proficiency

  • Improve the Super Visa to allow family members of Canadians to come for up to five years without permanent status, renewing their stay for additional time, where appropriate, provided that they purchase health insurance

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