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Lower Cellphone and Internet Bills

Far too many Westman families are just getting by rather than getting ahead.

Canadians continue to pay some of the highest prices in the world for accessing the internet – both at home and on their mobile phones.


A few giant companies have too much power, and Canadians are suffering for it. It’s time for a government that takes the side of consumers.

  • Put consumers first and hold the big telecom service providers accountable for anti-competitive behaviour and practices that hurt consumers

  • Promote competition by allowing new telecommunications companies to provide services to Canadian customers, provided that the same treatment is reciprocated for Canadian companies in that company’s country

  • Build digital infrastructure to connect all of Canada to High-Speed Internet by 2025, ensuring that all Canadians have reliable access to the Internet regardless of where they live

  • Promote investment in communications facilities by local and regional communities and businesses, which will reduce local and regional dependence on national telecommunications giants

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