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A Plan to Make our Communities Safer

A 32% increase in violent crime. A near doubling of gang-related murders. These are the troubling results after years of soft-on-crime Liberal policies.

Real people are being victimized by violent, repeat offenders. Real families are mourning the loss of their loved ones taken too soon.

Canada’s bail system is broken and it’s putting Canadians at risk. Justin Trudeau’s Bill C-75 has made it easier for violent criminals to receive bail. His Bill C-5 eliminated mandatory prison time for serious crimes committed with guns.

Provincial and territorial premiers, as well as many police associations, are calling for bail reform.

In Parliament today, Conservatives are advancing their call. We are pressing the Liberal government to prioritize the rights of victims and law-abiding citizens by:

  • Fixing the broken bail system by immediately repealing the elements of Bill C-75 which force judges to release violent, repeat offenders onto the streets, allowing them to reoffend;

  • Strengthening Canada’s bail laws so that those who are prohibited from possessing firearms and who are then accused of serious firearms offences do not easily get bail; and

  • Ensuring that our justice system puts the rights of law-abiding Canadians ahead of the rights of violent, repeat offenders

I urge my colleagues of all political stripes to support this motion so we can make our streets and communities safer.

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