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A Second Liberal Carbon Tax

Not just one Liberal carbon tax, but two.

After eight years of Justin Trudeau, life has become more unaffordable because of the Liberal carbon tax.

Now the Prime Minister is bringing in a second hidden carbon tax that will even further increase the cost of gas, groceries, and home heating.

That’s why Conservatives have put forward a motion today calling on the federal government to acknowledge the failures of the first Liberal carbon tax and immediately cancel their second carbon tax.

The first carbon tax did not succeed in reducing emissions. The second one won’t either.

The independent Parliamentary Budget Officer has indicated this second carbon tax will cost the average Canadian household an extra $573 per year without any rebate. Families in some provinces will face costs as high as $1,157.

Combined, these two carbon taxes will cost some Canadian families up to $4,000 each year.

That’s an extra 61 cents for every litre of gasoline – 37 cents per litre from the first carbon tax, 17 cents per litre from the second, and another 7 cents accounting for the sales tax applied to the carbon taxes.

In Manitoba, the second Liberal carbon tax will cost the average household an additional $611 per year, bringing the full cost of the two carbon taxes to $2,101.

That’s asking a lot from Manitoban families at a time when costs are already skyrocketing.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Parliamentary Budget Officer confirmed that this tax will shrink our economy.

Making life more expensive for Canadians while we’re in the midst of a cost-of-living crisis is the wrong approach.

Let’s recognize the hardships Canadian families are facing and vote to immediately cancel these carbon taxes.

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