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Bill C-21: "New" Liberal Amendments are More of the Same

When the Liberals tried to go after hunting rifles owned by law-abiding farmers, hunters, and Indigenous peoples, thousands of Canadians spoke up.

With your support and advocacy, our Conservative team was able to force the Liberals to back down from their proposed hunting rifle ban. But we knew we couldn’t let our guard down.

The Liberal Public Safety Minister has announced new amendments to Bill C-21 to create a definition by which new firearms will be banned.

This "new" Liberal definition is the same as the old one from the fall which targeted commonly used hunting firearms.

The Minister also announced that he will appoint a Firearms Advisory Committee that will determine future bans of firearms presently owned by law-abiding firearms owners.

I expect that these measures will be used to go after most of the firearms previously targeted by the Liberal amendments late last year, including hunting rifles.

Last night the Liberals passed C-21 through committee by heavily limiting debate on clauses and amendments. This was done so that the government can ram it through without proper scrutiny and without proper consultation of those who will be most impacted.

This ban is not about public safety, otherwise the Liberals would target actual criminals. This is about the Liberals taking the next step in their plan to confiscate grandpa's hunting rifle.

Instead of going after the illegal guns used by criminals and street gangs, Justin Trudeau is focused on taking hunting rifles and shotguns from those who have been vetted by the RCMP and are committed to firearm safety.

No one believes that going after hunters will reduce violent crime across the country – up 32% since Justin Trudeau took office.

The hunting rifle ban was always about dividing Canadians, not public safety.

Conservatives support common-sense firearms policies that keep guns out of the hands of dangerous criminals.

A Poilievre Government will invest in policing and a secure border rather than spending billions confiscating firearms from law-abiding farmers, hunters, and Indigenous Canadians.

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