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C-11 is Deeply Flawed

Conservatives are proposing significant amendments to the incredibly flawed attempt by the Liberals to amend the Broadcasting Act, that is Bill C-11.

Experts have raised alarm bells at how negatively this bill will affect not only independent creators but every Canadian who watches videos or listens to music or podcasts online.

We have heard from countless witnesses and industry stakeholders and there are still many more to hear from if we are to do our job properly as parliamentarians and give this unprecedented bill the scrutiny it deserves.

What has become obvious, is that C-11 cannot be allowed to proceed in its current form and requires:

• The removal of section 4.2 and any provision that enables the inclusion of User Generated Content.

• A clear definition of discoverability.

• The introduction of a financial cap on the size of businesses it will apply to.

• A requirement for the Government to update Canadian Content definitions.

The Liberal government must also release its Policy Directive to the CRTC. Artists, creators, broadcasters, and all Canadians deserve to know how Bill C-11 will be implemented.

While Liberals continue to obfuscate on Bill C-11, Conservatives will continue to defend the rights and freedoms of Canadians who are rightfully concerned about the impact of this legislation.

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