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Call in the Auditors

Even though the Liberals voted against it, Parliament just voted in favour of our Conservative Opposition Day Motion calling on the Auditor General to investigate the ArriveCAN app.

Our motion specifically called on the Auditor General to conduct a performance audit, including the payments, contracts and sub-contracts for all aspects of the ArriveCAN app, and to prioritize this investigation.

The Liberals spent $54 million on an app that could have been developed over a single weekend for $250,000.

Also, we do not know where the money went.

We asked that question and the Liberals tabled documents with a list of companies that received contracts, including ThinkOn, which was purportedly given $1.2 million.

The problem is that, a few days later, the company said that it never received the money.

Ernst & Young was supposedly paid $120,000, but, there again, the company said that it never worked on ArriveCAN.

A few weeks later, the government said that it was a mistake, that it thought it had paid these companies, but it was other companies instead who received that payment.

That is why the Conservative Party introduced this motion so the Auditor General can investigate and Canadians can know the truth.

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