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Canadians Must Get Relief in the Fall Economic Statement

After 8 years, Justin Trudeau is not worth the cost.

Over half of Canadians are $200 or less away from going broke. There have been a record two million food bank visits in a single month. Housing costs have doubled.

The human cost of these Liberal failures is high. These are the real-world results of reckless Liberal spending, high inflation, and the fastest rise in interest rates in Canadian monetary history.

This can’t go on. The only way to undo the damage the Liberals have done is by reversing course.

That’s why, as the Liberals present their Fall Economic Statement, Conservatives are demanding three key items:

1. Cancel Liberal plans to quadruple the carbon tax. 2. Announce a plan and date to balance the budget to bring down inflation and interest rates. 3. Build homes, not bureaucracy.

If the Liberals acknowledge their approach has failed and agree to meet these demands, we will consider supporting their Statement.

Our common-sense approach will bring relief to struggling Canadians. Let’s do our part now to bring home lower prices for Canadians.

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