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Defending Canada from Foreign Interference

Canada is a “high-priority target” for foreign interference from the communist regime in Beijing.

That’s the troubling finding of a top-secret intelligence assessment by our Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

There are mountains of evidence that Beijing is actively attempting to meddle in our democracy and that the Liberal government has known about it – yet they’ve chosen to do nothing.

Nothing to respond to Beijing’s intimidation tactics being deployed against Canadians of Chinese descent in diaspora communities.

And nothing to respond to reports that families of Members of Parliament are being subjected to an intimidation campaign orchestrated out of Beijing’s consulate in Toronto.

A Conservative motion being debated in the House of Commons today calls for specific actions to address these serious issues:

✅ Creating a foreign agent registry, similar to that of Australia and the United States.

✅ Establishing a national public inquiry on the matter of foreign election interference.

✅ Shutting down the foreign “police stations” operating in Canada.

✅ Expelling all of Beijing's diplomats responsible for and involved in these affronts to Canadian democracy.

It’s time for the Liberal government to stop stalling and stand up for Canada, our democracy, and everyone being targeted by foreign interference.

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