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End Federal Vaccine Mandates

Canadians have stepped up to do the hard work of getting through the pandemic – following public health measures, getting vaccinated, and making tremendous sacrifices to avoid visiting loved ones, activities, or travel.

When all provinces and most countries around the world are moving on from pandemic restrictions, there is no justified reason for the Trudeau government to delay ending federal vaccine mandates any longer.

Canada has one of the highest vaccination rates in the world and widely available tools and effective treatments to manage COVID-19. Provincial health officials have acted based on the science to remove vaccine and mask mandates.

Canadians are watching other countries around the world drop restrictions and enter the recovery phase of the pandemic.

We need to restore travel confidence and open the border. It is essential that all federal vaccine mandates are removed immediately.

Putting additional stress and costs on travelers, at a time when provinces are dropping health restrictions, including vaccine passports and mask mandates simply does not make sense.

After two hard years of lockdown, Canadians are ready to travel again, people from around the world are ready to explore Canada.

The current travel testing requirements are a redundant measure and airports and cruise lines do not have the capacity or number of tests needed to enforce this regulation on the ground. These are the top barriers facing the Canadian tourism industry.

Unlike the start of this pandemic, there are many tools available at the government’s disposal to ensure safety to all Canadians, while allowing tourism operations to continue.

Canadians deserve to be able to move on with their lives. It’s time the Prime Minister step up and work on ensuring Canadians can get back their jobs, travel freely, and contribute to the recovery of Canada’s businesses, industries, and tourism.

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