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Foreign Election Interference Deserves a Serious Response

Even as more and more evidence has come forward, the Liberals have been desperately trying to play down the threat of foreign interference in Canada’s elections.

Just days ago, the Prime Minister said that “election integrity held absolutely in 2019 and 2021.”

Meanwhile, the Public Safety Minister acknowledged that there are “few greater challenges that we face than foreign interference.”

The Liberals can’t have it both ways.

The ever-growing mountain of evidence is clear. Media reports have cited security and intelligence sources and highly classified leaked documents.

Foreign interference took place and, unless we take steps to prevent it, the integrity of future elections may be questioned.

We need a serious plan.

The Prime Minister’s plan is to have a secret committee, with secret hearings, secret evidence, and secret conclusions – all controlled by him – look into foreign interference.

He wants to hand-pick a so-called ‘special rapporteur’ to investigate the matter.

All of this means nothing since this approach brings neither the openness nor the independence to give Canadians the truth about Beijing’s interference in our politics and government.

This is window dressing designed to make the Prime Minister look like he’s taking action, all while he attempts to trap investigations in secret processes he controls.

Conservatives have been clear. A public inquiry that is truly independent is required to get to the bottom of this, while also continuing the ongoing parliamentary committee investigation.

Ensuring the integrity of your vote deserves nothing less.

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