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Government Deficits Increase Costs for Everyone

Justin Trudeau’s deficits have very real consequences on the lives of everyday Canadians.

Whether it’s contributing to inflation or pushing up interest rates, government spending is increasing the cost of everything. And as you all know, it’s putting a dent in your household budget.

On top of that, more government debt means more of your tax dollars going towards interest payments on that debt. That means there is less money to fund the programs and services Canadians rely on.

Federal debt servicing costs are projected to be at least $43.9 billion this year.

No one wins when governments spend recklessly.

That’s why Conservatives have introduced a motion calling on the Liberal government to bring forward a fiscal plan that includes a pathway back to balanced budgets.

Two former Liberal finance ministers have made it clear that Justin Trudeau’s inflationary debt and deficits are unsustainable.

Our Conservative motion calls on the government “to introduce a fiscal plan that includes a pathway back to balanced budgets, in order to decrease inflation and interest rates, and to introduce this in the House of Commons prior to the Bank of Canada’s next policy interest rate decision on October 25, 2023.”

This is the bare minimum the Liberals can do. Will they support this common sense request?

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