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Liberal Policies are Making our Communities Less Safe

I express my deepest sadness and heartfelt condolences to the family of OPP Officer Grzegorz (Greg) Pierzchala, who was senselessly and tragically murdered last week while serving his community.

The accused, Randall McKenzie, was prohibited for life since 2018 from possessing any firearm and was charged in 2021 with several firearm-related offences and assaulting a peace officer. McKenzie was later released on bail with conditions but failed to appear in court in response to those charges on September 6. A warrant was then issued for his arrest and additional criminal charges were laid for failure to appear.

Since Justin Trudeau became Prime Minister, soft on crime Liberal justice policies aren’t working. Communities feel less safe, and the Liberal government is doing nothing to stop it. In fact, they are making it worse.

The Liberals, supported by the NDP, passed easy bail legislation and removed mandatory jail time for serious violent crimes, some of which this murderer was previously charged with. Worse yet, many of these criminals are now permitted to serve time under house arrest in the same communities as their victims.

The fact is, the murderer who committed this heinous act was out on bail after being charged with multiple offences including assault with a weapon, assaulting a peace officer, assault, possession of a firearm without a licence, carrying a concealed weapon, mischief, and possession of counterfeit money. He was also under a lifetime prohibition from ever owning or handling a firearm.

Since this fall, 5 police officers in Canada have been tragically slain in the line of duty. Violent crime has gone up 32% in the past year, and gang related killings have gone up by 92% since Trudeau became Prime Minister.

This crime wave must stop.

Instead of focusing on the criminals terrorizing our streets, the Liberals are watering down the consequences for violent crimes and diverting police resources to ban firearms used by hunters and sport shooters. Bans make no difference to criminals like this.

Meanwhile, violent offenders are put back on the street. This catch and release system puts the public at risk and our streets are as unsafe as ever.

A Conservative government will bring back mandatory jail time for violent crimes that were repealed by the Liberals, and we will crack down on Justin Trudeau’s easy access to bail in Bill C-75 that makes these tragedies more likely. We will bring in stricter bail rules that will ensure violent offenders remain behind bars as they await trial and, if convicted, ensure they are locked up for many years.

Conservatives have always prioritized the rights of victims rather than the rights of offenders. A Conservative government will do what is necessary to keep violent criminals where they belong – behind bars.

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