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Liberals Fail to Deliver on Connectivity

There are still too many people living in rural Canada that don’t have access to high-speed internet or reliable cell phone coverage.

In an independent review, the Auditor General found that despite multiple government programs and billions of dollars in taxpayer funded announcements, the Liberals have not delivered.

Worse yet, the report found that the Liberals “did not include any national indicators or targets to evaluate whether its affordability outcomes were being achieved.”

Justin Trudeau has not only neglected internet access, but cell service as well. The Auditor General found that the Liberals' connectivity strategy contained “no targets or timelines” for improving cellular services across Canada.

It’s one thing to make announcements. It’s another thing entirely to get results for Canadians who don’t have internet or cell access or those who have trouble affording it.

In this day and age, access to internet and cell service is a necessity, not a luxury.

I agree with the Auditor General that “Without access to fast, reliable, and affordable high-speed Internet and mobile cellular services, people residing in remote communities do not have the same opportunities as people residing in more urban areas.”

I’ve been a consistent advocate for these critical improvements for our rural regions.

I will continue to press the Liberals to stop their delays and make the necessary investments so rural Canadians can have access to high-speed internet and cellular services.

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