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Reduce Travels Costs for Tradespeople

I fully support Conservative Bill C-241, which would create a tax deduction for travel expenses for those in the trades.

When tradespeople must travel to a work site and when expenses are not covered by their employer, they have to pay out of pocket.

With the price of gas going through the roof, those costs can run high.

This bill would put skilled trades employees on equal footing with corporations. As self-employed individuals, it would allow them to deduct the expenses associated with travel to their job sites.

This is the exact treatment a corporation would receive.

If a corporation paid for this travel, it would get to deduct this expense.

We need to encourage more people to get into the trades and in a riding as large as ours, it’s only natural that tradespeople do work in other communities.

This is a common-sense bill and I will most definitely be voting in favour of it.

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