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Restoring the Dream of Home Ownership

The dream of home ownership has become further and further out of reach for too many Canadians.

Since the Liberals came to power, the down payment needed to buy a house has doubled.

Nine in 10 people who don’t own a home say they never will.

It shouldn’t be this way.

That’s why Conservatives have brought forward a motion in the House of Commons to tackle this problem and help deliver homes people can afford.

The reality is that Canada has the lowest number of housing units per 1,000 residents of any G7 country. The number of housing units per 1,000 Canadians has been falling since 2016, owing to the sharp rise in population growth.

An extra 100 thousand dwellings would have been required to keep the ratio of housing units to population stable since 2016—still well below the G7 average.

In short, we need to get more houses built.

Our motion calls on the government to make renting affordable and make home ownership accessible again by:

- Delivering more federal infrastructure funding for municipalities that get more new homes built;

- Imposing clawbacks on municipalities who delay new home construction;

- Building more houses around new major transit projects to get funding for those projects; and

- Selling off 15% of under-utilized federal buildings to turn them into housing.

I hope all parties will support these proposals to get more homes built and improve affordability for Canadian families.

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