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Standing Up for Canadian Agriculture

Westman farmers are continuously at work, putting quality food on our store shelves and helping to feed the world. Even as inflation drives costs higher, our farmers are doing all they can to keep costs low.

Farmers have long been recognized for their contributions to environmental sustainability. But rather than commending farmers for their achievements, the Liberals are demonizing them and targeting one of their primary tools: fertilizer. This is on top of the Liberal Carbon Tax, which has already jacked up the cost of doing business and is making it harder for them to compete.

The Liberals recently laid out their plan to reduce Canada’s fertilizer emissions by 30% by 2030, limiting the ability of our farmers to grow sustainable crops. In reality, Canadian farmers are already up to 70% more efficient in fertilizer use than other countries.

Arbitrary restrictions on fertilizer will only lead to greater challenges for farmers and would limit the amount of high-quality Canadian food being exported to the world.

According to a study by MNP, the 30% reduction in fertilizer target will cost our economy about $48 billion by 2030. This level of loss to food production will only serve to worsen the global food crisis and increase the price of food.

For these reasons, my Conservative colleague, MP John Barlow, has sponsored ePetition 4133. The petition calls on the Liberal government to abandon their aggressive emissions target and protect our agricultural sector from the threat of the implementation of a mandatory fertilizer reduction.

At the end of the day, this policy impacts every single one of us whether you’re a farmer trying to grow food or a family trying to afford it. Let’s tell the Prime Minister to stop punishing farmers and cancel his fertilizer reduction target.

You can sign the petition here.

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