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The NDP Need to Vote Against the Liberals

Last week I wrote about how the Liberals are trying to change the rules of Parliament to their advantage.

Today, I am calling on the NDP to vote against this motion and stop the Liberals from doing so.

The NDP can and should vote against this motion.

If this motion passes as written, Justin Trudeau will have the Parliament he wants.

One that provides him with an audience, not an opposition.

The worst part of this motion is the provision that will allow a Minister to move adjournment of the House until September, without notice, at any time.

The motion will also allow the Liberals to force the House to sit until midnight on any given day, without giving workers on Parliament Hill any advance notice.

During these extended sittings, the NDP and Liberal MPs will not have to show up in the House of Commons because their motion will remove the constitutional requirement of quorum.

It gets worse. The Liberals have given notice of their intention to move closure on this motion to shut down the debate by the end of the day.

The NDP once believed that the use of closure was undemocratic, but since the election, they vote for it every time Justin Trudeau tells them to.

Today’s votes on closure and on this motion are not about confidence or supply, and therefore the NDP are free to vote against, without fear of violating the terms of their agreement.

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