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Truckers Are Essential

I am back in Ottawa this week, so I couldn’t meet with any of Manitoba truckers as they drove through Brandon, however, the convoy will soon be in the nation's capital.

Peaceful protesting and activism are at the very heart of a democracy.

The vast majority of people involved in the convoy are good, decent Canadians who care deeply about our nation. That doesn't mean you have to agree with them, but like every Canadian, they have a right to protest.

The media is reporting a story that a few want to protest in unpeaceful ways. It must be stressed there is no room whatsoever for that sort of behaviour. Not in this protest, not in any protest.

As the security analyst said in the news report, there is always someone out there that might want to take advantage of a protest to push their own narrative. It is imperative that those who want to partake in unpeaceful ways are not involved.

As we’ve seen on social media, this convoy is bringing out young and old, urban and rural.

Even on a frigid prairie winter day, people are bundling up to add their voice and support.

Since the very beginning of the pandemic, truckers were deemed essential. That has not changed.

If you agree truckers are essential, then let them do their jobs.

A lot of the food, products, and everyday essentials we purchase are hauled by these truckers across the border every single day.

Our supply chain and logistics system are already strained, and the Liberal government and the US Administration’s new mandate will only cause more challenges.

I have heard from local grocery store managers and trucking companies about the impact of this new mandate. They too are stressing how this decision will add to the rising cost of everyday essentials.

I will continue to call on the Liberals to work with the American Administration to drop this mandate.

Truckers and the goods they carry are essential.

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