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We Must Address the Fall of Afghanistan

We are moving our Conservative Opposition Day Motion to establish the creation of a special committee to examine the failure of the Liberal government to act in the years and months leading up to the fall of Afghanistan.

The Liberals put their own political interests ahead of taking care of thousands of Canadians and Afghans by calling an election.

We all watched the horror of people running down runways and trying desperately to get out of Afghanistan.

We saw women bristling with the fear of repression coming with the Taliban.

These images are etched in our minds.

Our Conservative team will never rest when there are people whose lives are now in danger because they wore a Canadian flag on their sleeve or on their heart.

Parliament must now do the work that the election prevented from happening.

Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government must explain why they failed to act.

Canadians deserve to know what could have been done in the years and months before the crisis peaked this summer, and what should be done now to make up for lost time.

Our motion states that, given that real-time parliamentary oversight was impossible due to the dissolution of Parliament, the House appoint a special committee with a mandate to conduct hearings to examine and review the events related to the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban.

The special committee will examine the government's contingency planning for that event and the subsequent efforts to evacuate, or otherwise authorize entry to Canada of, Canadian citizens, and interpreters, contractors and other Afghans who had assisted the Canadian Armed Forces or other Canadian organizations.

We must do all we can both to help those in danger today and make sure this failure never happens again.

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