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Where has the money gone?

Where has the money gone?

The Parliamentary Budget Officer reported that $200 billion – nearly 40% of the Liberal government’s deficit spending – had nothing to do with COVID.

The Auditor General confirmed that wasteful spending due to a lack of controls led to at least $32 billion in CERB overpayments and suspicious payments.

Under the Liberals’ watch, CERB cheques were sent to public servants who were already drawing public salaries.

Under their watch, cheques were sent to prisoners.

And under their watch, wealthy corporations rich enough to pay out dividends and bonuses to their executives also received wage subsidies.

This is your money. You’re stuck paying the bill for Liberal mismanagement and waste to the tune of billions of dollars.

Worse yet, CRA doesn’t think it’s “worth the effort” to investigate this waste.

That’s absurd!

The Parliamentary Budget Officer rightly called these comments “disconcerting”.

The Auditor General had already slammed CRA for its “lack of rigour” in trying to identify and recoup billions in suspected aid benefits overpayments.

You deserve to know how your money is being spent.

You deserve to know where your tax dollars have gone.

Conservatives will keep pressing to recover your money from prisoners, fraudsters, and government employees who improperly claimed benefits.

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