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Reduce Crime

Our Conservative Caucus supports reorienting the approach to criminal justice and the policing system to give the highest priority to the protection of society through the prevention of crime. Additionally, we support emphasizing the needs and rights of victims.

  • Establish an entities list for criminal gangs, eliminating the requirement for Crown Attorneys to prove that an organization is a criminal organization

  • Add a sentencing consideration for courts based on evidence that an criminal offence was “directed at a property or person that was vulnerable because of their remoteness from emergency services”

  • Partner with the private sector to create a Gang Exit Strategy program that will see the power of the private sector harnessed to give offenders the opportunity to escape a cycle of violence and offer a fresh start

  • Work with partner organizations across the country to develop and expand programs to keep youth out of gangs

  • Crack down on “straw purchasing” of firearms

  • Support specialized enforcement against illegal firearms

  • Strengthen human trafficking laws by making them consistent with the Palermo Protocol and removing the requirement to prove that a trafficker exercised fear or intimidation over a victim

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