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COVID-19 has been devastating for Canada’s seniors and has shown for all to see the inadequacies of our Long-Term Care system. 

  • Improve the Home Accessibility Tax Credit by increasing the limit from $10,000 per dwelling to $10,000 per person

  • Allow seniors or their caregivers, including their children, to claim the Medical Expense Tax Credit for home care instead of only allowing them to claim attendant care if they live in a group home

  • Devote $3 billion of infrastructure funding over the next three years to renovate Long-Term Care Homes to improve the care that residents receive

  • Encourage partnerships with private non-profits that have historically provided a significant amount of Long-Term Care

  • Boost the number of Personal Support Workers & Health Care Aides

  • Continue to advocate for a full review of how the increases in federal benefits are calculated so that it keeps up with inflation & invest in more co-op seniors housing

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