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Free Speech

Conservatives will not look the other way on Canadians' freedom of expression. 

Universities and colleges should be bastions of free-flowing debate and ideas, and our country is stronger when they are. 


Free speech, freedom of expression, and a free press are fundamental tenets of Canadian law and Canadian democracy.  We also need to protect Canadians from online hate while preserving free speech.

  • Work with provinces to ensure that public post-secondary institutions accommodate the range of perspectives that make up Canada through a commitment to free speech and academic freedom

  • Combat the growing presence of online sexual exploitation, human trafficking, and extremist groups by using the Criminal Code and our criminal justice system

  • Fight online incitement and hatred by clearly criminalizing statements that encourage acts of violence against other people or identifiable groups

  • Protect forms of speech, criticism, and argument that do not encourage violence

  • Create a stronger legal duty for social media platforms to remove illegal content, such as content that incites violence

  • Oppose government censorship of material that is not criminal in nature

  • Oppose attempts to create a national speech regulator for social media

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