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Mental Health & Addictions


Canadians are suffering and dying. It’s time for real action - and a new approach. Mental health and addiction were serious problems long before COVID hit. After a year of lockdowns made them worse, these are crises that our government needs to address.​

  • Propose to the provinces that they partner with the federal government by dedicating a significant portion of the stable, predictable health funding to mental health to ensure that an additional million Canadians can receive mental health treatment every year

  • Encourage employers to add mental health coverage to their employee benefit plans by offering a tax credit for 25% of the cost of additional mental health coverage for the first three years

  • Create a pilot program to provide grants to non-profits and charities delivering mental health and wellness programming

  • Create a nationwide three-digit suicide prevention hotline

  • Revise the federal government’s substance abuse policy framework to make recovery its overarching goal

  • Reorient the Canadian Drugs and Substances Strategy towards ensuring that everyone suffering from addiction has the opportunity to recover and lead a drug-free life

  • Create 1,000 residential drug treatment beds across the country over the next three year and build 50 recovery community centres across the country

  • Support land-based treatment programs developed and managed by Indigenous communities as part of a plan to enhance the delivery of culturally appropriate addictions treatment and prevention services in First Nations communities with high needs

  • Partner with the provinces to ensure that Naloxone kits are available for free across Canada

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