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Canadian Veterans struggling with months-long waits for pensions and benefits can count on a new Conservative government to take immediate action to get them the support they deserve.

To every Veteran who has struggled and who continues to struggle without the support and benefits you have earned through your service, our message is this: You deserve better. 


There is a sacred trust between Canadians and those brave soldiers, sailors, and aircrew who have put service before self.

  • End the mess of two benefit systems - Canadian Armed Forces and Veterans Affairs Canada  that do not work together and replace them with one streamlined system

  • Empower frontline VAC employees to adjudicate claims

  • Streamline benefit adjudication & set performance targets to ensure that the benefits system is focused on helping our veterans rather than on outdated procedures

  • Allow veterans and their families to direct their care and rehabilitation

  • Ensure that the benefits system is focused not only on compensation but on helping veterans build meaningful careers through partnerships with universities, colleges, and businesses

  • Empower military doctors, who know the demands of service and the impact of injuries, to determine a service-related injury for all CAF and VAC purposes

  • Ensure a smooth transition for any member who has to be medically released, including retaining them until all the benefits and services from the CAF, VAC, and Service Income Security Insurance Plan have been confirmed

  • Ensure military families, especially spouses, are provided with sufficient support

  • Implement a strategy to combat homelessness among veterans and explore the potential for using surplus military housing to provide housing for homeless veterans

  • Cover the cost of PTSD service dogs for veterans and create training standards for them

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