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Environment & Conservation

We cannot ignore the reality of climate change. It is already affecting our ecosystems, hurting our communities, and damaging our infrastructure.

  • Restore funding for the National Wetland Conservation Fund and the Recreational Fisheries Conservation Partnership Program, which Justin Trudeau cancelled

  • Create a new financial incentive for farmers and landowners to protect the environment and sequester carbon by allowing for greater creation of land-based offset credits

  • Introduce new personal Low Carbon Savings Accounts

  • Invest in Small Modular Reactors, to get this zero emissions source of electricity and heat to the point that it starts to be deployed across the country

  • Invest in natural climate solutions focused on management of forest, crop and grazing lands and restoration of grasslands, wetlands, and forests

  • End raw sewage dumping

  • Ban the export of plastic waste and improve value recovery from plastics

  • Work with international partners to combat oceans plastic

  • Work with the US administration to strengthen vehicle emission standards in North America

  • Invest in transmission infrastructure to bring clean energy to where it’s needed and ensure that our electricity grid can support the growth in electric vehicles

  • Support improved electric vehicle battery repurposing and recycling in order to lower the environmental impact of these batteries and lower the cost of vehicles on the resale market

  • Invest in forest health and wildfire prevention and early detection

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