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Energy Sector

The energy sector is an industry that puts food on the tables of hundreds of thousands of Canadian families, generates untold growth and wealth across the country, and pumps billions of dollars into government coffers for programs and services.

Instead of unity – instead of seeking to help all Canadians benefit from our nation’s prosperity and natural resources – Trudeau has sown division.

Canada’s Conservatives recognize the massive contributions that the energy sector and its workers make to our country. We will support the energy sector as a critical part of our economy.

  • Eliminate the unfairness of Trudeau’s Bill C-69 and fix the Impact Assessment process by basing our changes on the bipartisan recommendations made by the Senate Committee on Energy

  • Implement an assessment process that upholds best-in-class environmental standards and sets clear expectations and timelines for environmental reviews

  • Remove political interference from the review process and set clear timelines so that investors get a yes or no

  • Work with First Nations and other Indigenous groups to ensure they are partners in prosperity and create an Canadian Indigenous Enterprise Corporation

  • Implement a hydrogen energy strategy that rapidly increases the use of hydrogen - especially green hydrogen - in Canada and builds our export capacity

  • Pass a Critical Infrastructure Protection Act to prevent protestors from blocking key infrastructure

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