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Conservative Bill Exempting Farm Fuels from the Carbon Tax Clears Another Legislative Hurdle

This week, members of the Agriculture Committee passed Conservative-led Bill C-234. I was pleased to add my voice in support by seconding the bill.

This bill will change the definition of eligible farming machinery to explicitly exempt from the Liberal carbon tax natural gas and propane used to generate heat for livestock barns and in grain drying.

This is great news for Westman farmers!

This will address the strain placed on our farmers who have no other option to dry their grain, heat their barns, or run their operations.

This exemption recognizes the undue financial burden the carbon tax places on farmers just so they can grow and raise the food we need.

Due to having extended periods of wet weather in the fall, grain drying is one of the few practical solutions farmers have.

According to Canadian Federation of Agriculture, grain drying has saved millions of bushels and has helped add billions of dollars to the Canadian economy.

We need to get this Conservative bill passed as soon as possible.

Farmers should not be punished for drying wet grain or heating their livestock barns during the wintertime.

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