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Liberal Fall Economic Statement Offers No Relief to Struggling Canadians

Prices are up. Mortgage rates are up. Debt is up. Taxes are up.

This is the state of Canada’s financial well-being after 8 years of Justin Trudeau.

Yesterday, the Prime Minister and his Finance Minister announced more than $20 billion in new inflationary spending that will keep inflation and interest rates higher than Canadians can afford.

Conservatives called on the Liberals to use their Fall Economic Statement as an opportunity to bring relief to struggling Canadians by:

1. Cancelling Liberal plans to quadruple the carbon tax;

2. Announcing a plan and date to balance the budget to bring down inflation and interest rates; and

3. Building homes, not bureaucracy.

Instead of listening to these common-sense Conservative proposals, Justin Trudeau introduced more half-measures that will do nothing to solve the problems Canadians face. These aren’t real solutions.

The good news is Conservatives have a plan that would axe the carbon tax to bring home lower prices, cap spending and cut waste to bring down inflation and interest rates, and remove bureaucracy to build more homes so that once again people can afford to pay their rent and mortgages.

If Justin Trudeau won’t do what it takes to fix the mess he’s created, Canadians can count on Conservatives to bring home affordability.

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