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Food Price Report Shows Even-Higher Grocery Bills on the Horizon for Canadian Families

I continue to get emails and calls from folks who are struggling to pay their bills and put food on their tables.


Canada’s Food Price Report estimates that the amount of money spent by the average family on food will increase by $700 next year.


With cost increases like this, it should come as no surprise that Canada is breaking all records when it comes to food bank usage.


People are struggling to stay afloat, and the carbon tax is a giant anvil that is dragging them down.


We found out this week that more than 50,000 Manitobans are now regularly using a foodbank.


That is the highest number ever recorded.


And while we can get bogged down in statistics, we must never forget that we are talking about people.


I am also hearing from seniors who worked decades to save for retirement, only to see inflation eradicate their income and their financial security.


And as someone who represents a large rural constituency, I know how the carbon tax disproportionately impacts the people who call Westman home.


If the Liberals haven’t yet figured it out, our Conservative team will never back down from our mission to axe the carbon tax once and for all – no matter how long it takes.


We will always stand up for the families, students, seniors, farmers who are being crushed by the drastic cost of living.


Nothing was more insulting to the millions of Canadians trying to heat their home this winter than when the Prime Minister decided to temporarily pause his carbon tax on only 3% of households.


It’s no wonder that provincial governments are up in arms. Even the NDP government in Manitoba is explicitly asking the Prime Minister to exempt home heating from his carbon tax.

And for the top-up for rural Canadians, it’s not even enough money to pay for the gas to take their kids to hockey practice on the weekend.

Common-sense Conservatives will axe the tax on everything, for everyone, to bring home lower prices on food, fuel, and home heating for everyone in Westman and across the country.

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