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Trudeau's Environment Minister Says Liberals Will Stop Building Roads

Updated: Feb 16

Just how out of touch can he get?


Justin Trudeau’s environment minister said his Liberal government will stop investing in new road infrastructure.


After receiving backlash for his comments, he told reporters that he meant to say the Liberals wouldn’t fund "large projects”.


His “clarified” remarks are no better.


Investing in roads is one of the most basic responsibilities of any government. This is the first time any government anywhere has simply refused to build roads for the people who need them.


Families in Westman rely on our road networks every day. As our communities grow and change, the government must stand ready to fund infrastructure projects to meet new needs.


Instead, the Liberal approach will only result in more gridlocked traffic and greater strain on already deteriorating infrastructure.


This is an extreme position that is completely out of touch with the lives of most Canadians – especially rural Canadians.


If Justin Trudeau is uninterested in funding the infrastructure Canada needs, it’s clearer than ever that only Conservatives can bring common sense back to Ottawa.

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