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Liberal Minister's Comments Show Carbon Tax is about Politics, not the Environment

The cat is out of the bag and a Liberal Minister finally admitted her government punishes those who don’t vote Liberal.

While trying to defend the decision to only give Atlantic Canadians a break from the Carbon Tax, Liberal Minister Gudie Hutchings told Canadians that they “need to elect more Liberals in the Prairies so that we can have that conversation as well.”

In other words, if you want to be able to afford your gas, groceries, and heating – you better vote Liberal.

This is a clear admission that their carbon tax has always been about politics, not the environment. The decision to pause the tax in one part of Canada is also an admission that the tax burden is pushing Canadians over the edge.

People struggling to feed their families shouldn’t be told to elect the Liberal Party if they want to put food on the table.

If you use natural gas and propane to heat your home in Manitoba, there will be no break on home heating for you. Justin Trudeau doesn’t believe your family is important enough to the Liberals' political math to deserve help from the federal government.

This is so clearly wrong.

The Conservative approach is simple: No pauses. No gimmicks. No special deals based on politics. We will axe the Liberal carbon tax on everything for everyone to bring home lower prices for gas, groceries, and home heating.

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