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Pass Bill C-234

He's getting very desperate.

Justin Trudeau is resorting to every trick in the book to prevent farmers from getting a carbon tax carveout for grain drying, barn heating, and other farm operations.

Conservative Bill C-234, which would remove the carbon tax for farmers, passed the House of Commons in March with support from all parties, although most Liberals voted against it.

Now in the Senate, Trudeau-appointed Senators have been playing political games with the livelihoods of Canadian farmers to prop up the Prime Minister's failed tax.

But after the Senate rejected Liberal amendments to gut the bill earlier last week, Justin Trudeau’s ministers and his office have been frantically calling Senators, trying to convince them to shut the bill down.

Canadians were already left out in the cold when the Liberals voted down a Conservative motion that would have removed the carbon tax on all forms of home heating. But this desperate attempt to hold onto a policy that is hurting Canadians has gone on long enough.

When the Senate returns next week, Senators will need to make a choice between supporting Justin Trudeau’s agenda or supporting farmers and ordinary Canadians. I call on them to do the right thing and pass Bill C-234.

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