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Fixing the Broken Bail System

After eight years of Justin Trudeau’s catch-and-release bail system, too many Canadians are being victimized by violent, repeat offenders.

Since the Liberals took office, we’ve seen violent crime increase by 32% and a doubling of gang-related murders.

A recent letter from the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police makes it clear: "Over the last four years, we can track distinct spikes in the numbers of people released on bail and incidences of violent offences committed by those on bail.”

The Liberals have directly contributed to this situation by passing legislation that made it easier for violent criminals to receive bail and eliminating mandatory prison time for serious crimes committed with guns.

It’s clear Justin Trudeau won’t be part of the solution. But Conservatives will.

Conservative MPs have introduced bills that will once again target repeat, violent offenders and keep our streets and communities safe.

I’m proud to have jointly seconded two Conservative bills that will ensure the worst repeat, violent offenders no longer benefit from the Liberal government’s catch-and-release bail system: C-313 and C-325.

Bill C-313 amends the Criminal Code to make access to bail more difficult for repeat, violent offenders who are prohibited from possessing firearms. When such people are charged with a serious gun offence, it will place the burden on them to justify why they should continue to walk the streets.

Bill C-325 goes after the small number of repeat offenders who commit a disproportionately large percentage of violent crimes by creating a new offence for the violation of parole conditions imposed with certain serious offences.

Keeping dangerous offenders behind bars and off our streets shouldn’t be controversial. If Justin Trudeau’s Liberals refuse to bring forward reforms themselves, the least they can do is support these important bills.

I hope they will.

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