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Liberals vs. Reality

Far too many people have been victims of crime and it’s only getting worse.

Shockingly, Justin Trudeau’s new Justice Minister believes that “empirically it’s unlikely” that Canada has become less safe.

His comments show a massive disconnect from reality.

Since 2015, violent crime is up 39%. Murders are up 43%. Gang-related homicides are up 108%. Violent gun crime is up 101%.

The Liberals have done very little to combat rising rates of crime. In fact, Liberal Bills C-5 and C-75 made it easier for serious, violent criminals to get back onto our streets, leaving our communities less safe.

The only thing that’s empirically unlikely is that this disturbing trend will end under the Liberals’ watch.

Our Conservative team is committed to common sense measures that will restore the kind of safe communities we all want to live in, work in, and raise families in.

That’s why I am proud to have jointly seconded two Conservative bills that will ensure the worst repeat, violent offenders no longer benefit from the Liberal government’s catch-and-release bail system: C-313 and C-325.

Even if the Justice Minister doesn’t understand the extent of the problem, Conservatives will continue standing up for the safe streets and communities Westman and all Canadians deserve.

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