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Manitoba Conservative Caucus Chair

I am thrilled to have been elected as the Chair of the Manitoba Conservative Caucus.

Manitoba’s Conservative Members of Parliament meet regularly to discuss the unique issues our province faces and to coordinate our efforts to advocate on behalf of the residents we serve.

At a time when many Manitobans are finding it difficult to make ends meet, our Conservative team remains focused on tackling the cost-of-living crisis so young people can buy a home, families can put food on their tables, and seniors can retire with dignity. Our Caucus is also committed to:

- Combatting the Liberal carbon tax

- Tackling rural crime rates and violent crime

- Building more affordable housing and restoring the hope of home ownership

- Fighting for farmers facing the Liberal fertilizer emissions reduction plan

- Repealing anti-energy laws and getting Canadian natural resources to market

- Supporting proven technologies to reduce greenhouse gases, such as carbon capture

- Improving cell service and internet connectivity

As Caucus Chair, it is my goal to continue fostering collaboration to advance the interests of Manitobans.

I also want to thank my colleague Dan Mazier, Member of Parliament for Dauphin – Swan River – Neepawa, for his excellent work as Chair over the past year. His leadership has been instrumental in helping amplify the voice of Manitobans in Ottawa.

In addition to being the Chair of the Manitoba Conservative Caucus, I have also been appointed to serve on the House of Commons Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration.

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