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Parliament Returns

Parliament is back in session and there’s plenty on the agenda.

Conservatives have two key priorities as we head into the fall: making housing more affordable and axing the carbon tax.

During Justin Trudeau’s time in office, housing costs have doubled. Mortgages have doubled. Down payments have doubled. Rent has doubled.

Inflationary spending and the Liberal carbon tax have contributed to higher costs for food, fuel, and heating your home.

These financial pressures have left families struggling to make ends meet.

Our Conservative team is pushing back to bring home affordable homes and lower prices for Canadians.

Pierre Poilievre has announced his proposed bill, the Building Homes Not Bureaucracy Act. This initiative will put keys in doors and people in homes through a formula that gives more money to municipalities that are getting homes built and takes money away from cities and gatekeepers that aren’t.

We will also continue our relentless efforts to stop expensive Liberal taxes from adding more hurt to Westman families and all Canadians. Conservatives will fight to axe Justin Trudeau’s inflationary carbon taxes and reduce the cost of gas, heat, and groceries.

The House is back in session so let’s get down to work.

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