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Responding to Budget 2023

Yesterday’s Liberal Budget was written in red ink and generations to come will pay for it.

It’s fair to say my definition of “fiscal restraint” is dramatically different than what Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland had in mind.

This Liberal government’s tax hikes and inflationary spending are contributing to a cost-of-living crisis, making it more difficult for folks to fill up their cars and feed their families.

Yesterday’s Budget was an opportunity for the Prime Minister to adjust course.

Conservatives were pressing for measures that would:

- Deliver lower prices by ending the inflationary deficits and spending,

- Lower taxes and scrap the carbon tax so hard work pays off again, and

- Make homes more affordable by removing government gatekeepers to free up land and speed up building permits.

Instead, Canadians got more of the same: more spending, more debt, more taxes.

The reality is that Justin Trudeau has added more debt than all other Prime Ministers combined. He has no plan to balance the budget. His inflationary deficits are driving up the cost of the goods we buy and the interest we pay.

Westman families deserve better.

With none of our conditions met in this Liberal Budget, I will join my Conservative colleagues to oppose this tax-hiking, inflationary budget.

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