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We Must Support Ukraine

As Manitoba is home to many with deep connections to Ukraine, these past few days have been very difficult, particularly for those who have friends and family on the front lines.

I attended the prayers at St. Mary’s Ukrainian Catholic Church last Friday and I had an opportunity to speak with many who are calling their loved ones in Ukraine.

Across the country, people have been speaking out against the Putin regime’s unprovoked war.

Even across the world, we’ve seen countries step up to support Ukraine in their valiant defense of their homeland.

Putin’s unprovoked war is a clear violation of international law, the UN Charter, and the rights of Ukraine to sovereignty and its territorial integrity.

The Government of Canada must continue to impose severe economic penalties, including sanctions, targeting President Putin’s inner circle, including Russian oligarchs, and those who have supported this egregious violation of international law.

We must continue to provide support to the Government of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Armed Forces, and the provision of humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine.

Just today Canada announced the third shipment of military equipment, which included 100 Carl-Gustaf anti-tank weapons system launchers and 2,000 rockets for the Ukrainian army to use.

I will also continue to call on the government to take additional actions to strengthen Canada’s response to Putin’s actions.

We should implement visa-free travel from Ukraine to Canada and provide as much humanitarian assistance as we can to those who have been displaced.

Now more than ever, let’s stand in solidarity with our Ukrainian friends and allies.

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